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Calling All Brits - Simple But Stupid Question...

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With the Daily Mail reported it is going to skin people £720-1'250 over 2 years for the iphone this is what popped into my head.....

If your already on o2, can you not just buy the iphone off apple UK for £270ish, and use your current o2 simcard/contract with it?

Silly question but too obvious that it needs answered to put my mind at ease!
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No way of knowing until some o2 iPhones are available.


All this talk of Apple and o2 'skinning' people is imho absolute rubbish.

I currently pay £35 a month for 200 minutes and unlimited texts. Now, when I switch to the iPhone I'll still be paying £35 a month, I'll get less texts but I'll get Cloud Wifi access and unlimited EDGE data included.

I'm happy to pay the £269 for the handset, not because it's a phone (I got an e900 with a free psp on my last 18month contract) but because it's an iPod and an excellent web browser.

Sometimes I wonder what people would do if they didn't have something to complain about.
It drives me up the wall.

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They'd likely want you to renew your contract for 18 months, and add unlimited data.

That's what happened in the States, anyway.
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The contract may be 18months but its doesnt have to be 35 for all those 18. You can drop your tarrif down to the lowest after 9 months but you would of course lose the iphone tarrif. However O2 will be launching other price plans soon for unlimited data so it may work out better.

Overall though its an okish deal. To be honest they should have thrown in more minutes. For £35 on 3 you can get up to 500mins, 300 sms, plus unlimited data. Not to mention windows live messenger is completley free to use.
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Or for that matter, what would stop us putting a PAYG SIM in?

Or getting an Nokia N95 free on O2 with the same tariff, buying an iPhone at Apple, sticking the SIM from the N95 in the iPhone and selling the unused N95 on eBay ?

I'm sure these questions will get sorted come November 9th and somebody will work out what's possible and how.

I'm also waiting to see if they update their business plans. All on Orange here so it's usually beneficial for us all to be on the same carrier. O2 do free calls within the same business plan between handsets.
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IM sure the sim cards themelves will be the same size as ordinary ones so in theory you could do that.
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