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iPhone and 3rd party headphones

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a couple of questions:

1] are there any 3rd party headphones out there yet with the same click-controller/mic as the included headphones? i love my vibe duo's but can't get by w/o the mic and pause/skip track feature anymore.

2] will an A2DP bluetooth adapter [such as with the Giro Tune-Ups wireless] work with the iPhone?
Specifically, will the headphones connect to both the iPod functions and the phone functions?

looking for comments from anyone out there regarding iPhone/Giro Tune-Ups Wireless compatibility.
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apple has a adapter in the apple store so that you can use any head phones on your phone
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The iphone sadley doesnt have bluetooth support for A2DP. Bit of a wierd one really considering its the daddy of all music phones.
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i own the belkin headphone adapter and have used it with my vide duo headphones. the vide duo headphones don't have the in-line mic/play/pause/skip track button. i'm wondering if any other manufacturers have high quality headphones WITH an in-line mic/ipod controller.

i know the iPhone doesn't support A2DP.
my question is: if i purchase an Add-on A2DP bluetooth adapter designed to play music to a wireless set of headphones [giro Tune-Ups], will it also connect to the PHONE features of the iPhone?

[the Tune-Ups allow you to listen to music, skip forward/back through tracks, play, pause, adjust volume, AND answer and hang up on phone calls all via bluetooth.]
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Music Phone Adapter (MPA)

This sleek modular accessory converts your Shure earphones into a stereo mobile headset for music phones, allowing you to switch easily between music and calls. Two versions will be available based on your phone's compatibility.


Seidio Audio Adaptor w/built-in mic and answer button for Apple iPhone

This adapter converts the Apple iPhone connector into a 3.5 standard female headphone jack and has an integrated microphone and one touch button on the cable.

The adapter allows you to use your favorite standard headphones for listening to music and with the integrated one-touch button you can answer and hang-up calls, play and stop music, and have phone conversations with the built-in microphone.


This next product looks like a direct replacement of the Apple mic-phones:
Seidio 2-IN-1 Stereo (in ear) Isolator Earbud for Apple iPhone

The headset also comes with interchangeable sleeves that fit comfortably in the ear and allow for ease of insertion. This headset has standard sleeves on it and each package contains one set of medium sleeves and one set of small sleeves so you can find a fit just right for you.

If you receive a call while wearing the ear buds, the music will be interrupted and you can hear the ring tone through both earpieces (no sound from your Smartphone's speaker) as long as the ringer on the iPhone is switched to off. Press the one-touch button above the microphone to answer the phone and press it again to hang up the phone.

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thanks for all the info.

if anyone out there has used an iPhone with the "Giro TuneUps Wireless" w/ naviplay, please let me know how it works before i drop $170 for the kit.
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