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Macbook Pro C2D wireless issues

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I just got a Macbook Pro C2D 2.16 (OSX 10.4.10). I had a previous model from an old job and used it with my wireless router with no issues. The new machine has had non-stop wireless problems.

I use a 2Wire router (SBC DSL) connection at 54MB.

Typically, the Mac connects to wireless at startup (5 bars) and works OK for hitting the web or mail for a few minutes. Within a few minutes, web pages slow down or stop loading although signal strength is at full. If I try to set "Use Interference Robustness" it usually causes the screen to display a message that forces me to hold the power button down to force a reboot.

I loved my old MBP because it worked. This new model is starting to make me angry.

Any ideas?

Bill S.
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You should have a crash log that will tell you about the reason for the crashes.

As far as the 2Wire thing, have you tried rebooting the modem router? I have the same setup and I've gotten flaky compatibility issues also and they clear up by a modem reset.

I have to do this about once a week. Irritating, but I have the same issue with my iPhone and that router too...I have to believe that it's something in the router. Oh, it works most all the time with the Windows systems in my house, but if I were to find that there had been very thorough testing with the Windows I/P stack and to a much lesser extent on other operating systems, I'd not be surprised.
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