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HELP!! accelerometer not working

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Today I turned my iphone horizontal to view a webpage in landscape view... it doesn't work any more!

Anyone know if this is a known issue? I did a full software restore and that didn't fix it

I take care of this thing like it's my laptop, so it hasn't been dropped, I've done no hacks... I did the update a couple of days ago. Any ideas?
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Read that post pretty similiar, take it to an apple sotre if one is nearby or call apple they'll get it fixed for you.
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Occasionally I have to quit and restart the iPhone browser to get it to display horizontally.
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I had the same thing happen. Went through the motions of a s/w reset to no avail (with Apple support). Apple support set me up with a new phone.

An interesting note: My phone is a 4GB phone. I was thinking "here's my chance to get an 8GB for free!" - ah, no. They have 4GB phones, brand new, in stock, at every store. Bummer.

But, I do have a new phone. My understanding is they take the broken ones and dissect them to see what happened. Hopefully they'll determine what causes this.
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my accelaromator is broken, too. the accelaromator does not just tilt one way, but does not tilt at all. i fixed it sumhow but i down loaded 2xl's atv offroad lite and it broke again. i was wondering if i should restore my ikpod or take to the apple store
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