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4 questions, how the hell do u upload songs on this damn thing then put a ringtone on it? im losin my mind i dont get the sync stuff and to be honest i dono what sync means.

2) how can i open an item from an internet on a second screen, i did it accidently but i dono what i pressed when it happened. I was on and accidently clicked another link i think to go into the nba scores but pressed soemthing at the same time on accidnet and it opened it on a different browswer. how do i choose that ?

3) how do u change ur ring tone for txt or ringtone in general?

4) i d/led apollo, everytime i press the square home button to go to menu or desktop w/e its called to check lets say a txt then go back to the apollo the IM logs me out and i dont get IMs until i re log on. is that normal? lol