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I use safari as my main webbrowser... and yes... i have FireFox aswell.. but i find safari to be more snappy than firefox.

since a while ago... i tested the beta of safari 3... and i didn't like it that much... so i uninstalled (and trashed it) and went back to safari 2

and before the beta... i used to have the nav buttons on my mouse pre-set/pogrammed as "command+left arrow" and "command+right arrow", which i used to nav through the tabs

And sometimes... i used to do the combo of keys with the keyboard... but after i trashed the beta... the key combo remained to be the horrid combo of "command+l/r arrow + shift".
I hate the combo and i wish to return to my old combo.
Is this possible through some preference, 'cause i've gone through the whole menubar/setting.

can someone help me with this
i haven't searched for a topic like this cause the search used to suck here and my logical sence says that no-one is being anal about this like i am...