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Originally Posted by nicwalmsley View Post

Thanks TimeRider, that solved the problem for me too. BTW, the double negative threw me for a bit there, just skimming the post (as you do); this might be easier to follow:

If you have a iPhone 3GS, use the medium option when you share the movie with iTunes from iMovie.

Thanks very much. Your advice really was a polished English style with clarity. However, I like to share the trial-and-error process in the sentence, i.e. I tried it and it didn't work. I went on trying something else, and they didn't work too. It's so annoying... Eventually, I got it right only because I suspected "iPod" was the key. I was never being drawn attention to the word "Medium", or "Large". I only noticed the check boxes next to the line with iPod cross-haired. I like the cause-and-effect purpose of double negative. I also like the "," in front of " and". Sorry for my weird English.
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Clearing the sync history like Apple says doesn't solve the problem... iTunes still crashes when uploading a movie to my iPhone!
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Originally Posted by Goldenshark View Post

Clearing the sync history like Apple says doesn't solve the problem... iTunes still crashes when uploading a movie to my iPhone!

That's not common. Try these:

1. Update your Windows / Mac to latest updates
2. Update iTunes to latest
3. Disable / uninstall add-ons or plug-ins from iTunes
4. Check if adequate RAM
5. iPhone to latest,
6. Check movie format ensuring it's acceptable to your iPhone
7. Try another iPhone USB dock cable
8, Use another USB port
9. Check if another movie works
10. Go to an Apple Store with a booking at the Genius Bar

All the best
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Originally Posted by CALLIGRAPHICA View Post

My movies were in the Iphone memory in Itunes, and even though they were checked, they didn't sync until I found this very simple fix.
FIRST, go to the MOVIES tab in Itunes (top left) and check the movies THERE.
THEN, check them AGAIN in the Iphone that appears in Itunes, and sync.

That totally worked!!!!
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My situation: I downloaded the HD and SD versions of a movie from iTunes and it would not sync to my iPhone.

As you've probably read, HD versions of a movie can't be played on the iPhone. So... Go to Movies tab in the left-hand column. Then go to the 'View' menu and select 'as List.' Next, right-click the name of the movie you want to have synced and hover over 'Version,' then select SD version.

Now start syncing your iPhone. Once, iPhone starts communication, select the 'Movies' tab of the iPhone. Here, uncheck the movie that won't sync. You may have to uncheck other movies. I found that after playing around with checking/unchecking, I noticed that my problem movie showed future allocation on the colored bar below.

Then I synced and it worked.
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