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I returned my iPhone

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I just returned my iPhone today---

The phone itself was fine---although it kept losing the wi fi signal and I had to keep going into airplane mode on/off--until it locked on again


the reason I finally got fed up with it was email---getting email in was fine, but out was a real problem.. I had to use ATT's EDGE network ---which is so slow that a short email took over 25 min to be sent---even though voice was fine---

The Apple rep said that EDGE can be slow in big cities---he held on with me for 15 min when I finally had to let him go--

The iPhone is great---ATT is VILE---and you can't even talk to an ATT rep--all you get are phone menus.
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I'm using EDGE in Seattle, and my emails are fine--not fast, but maybe 20-40 seconds for each to go out when they're just text. Sorry it didn't work out.
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It may be related to interference ---I don't know--

As I said, it was losing my wi fi connection at home, and my computers had no problem---
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