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Notes and Leopard: no syncing????

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I just read in MacWorld's review of Leopard the following:

"Although Mails notes look a lot like the notes on the iPhone, the two dont sync."

Is this really true?? Sounds like it may be based on other posts here indicating this "feature" was removed from the Apple website.

For months I was operating under the assumption that with Leopard we'd finally be able to sync Notes.

What is so unusual about wanting to Sync Notes?

Please, tell me this isn't so...

(The review is here: http://www.macworld.com/2007/10/revi...view/index.php )
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Apparently true. Ars Technica mentioned it too.

It probably also needs an iPhone firmware update which isn't ready at the same time as Leopard so they had to pull the feature from Leopard for now.
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On the other hand, notes are just mail messages, so if you're using imap, they should sync via the mail server.
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