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I had posted this in theCurrent Hardware forum but I thought it should be here instead so sorry for any double posting. I have decided to write this article in regards to the new Apple Aluminum iMac and the constant issues I am experiencing with it as I see many of you are having as well. I purchased the new 20" 2.4GHz iMac one month ago and upon starting the machine up for the first time I noticed dead pixels on my display. Not happy with this as I'm sure you would not be either I returned the iMac to my local Apple Store for an exchange as they did with no questions asked. Very happy with the customer
service I received I returned home to set up my replacement iMac to be greeted by (Insert Drumroll Here)... stuck pixels. After reinstalling everything again from the ground up I told myself I could live with a few bright red glowing pixels until I noticed other issues. There were a few instances where my iMac would go to my RSS feed screen saver and the display would promptly go black with everything else running minus the display and the only thing that would remedy this situation was a hard restart holding down the power button for 5 seconds. At times the computer would freeze when I was on my desktop with only the Finder and Dashboard running. In addition to all of this there was the case of restarting the iMac only to get the white screen of death with no grey Apple logo or start up icon. After this I was on my way to the Apple Store for a third time only to get another replacement iMac. My third new iMac has no dead or stuck pixels and I was very happy to see that I can tell you however I'm not happy that this one has the same video display problems the other two did. With all three computers combined I've had to hard restart around 50 times which I would really like to avoid. I've done everything imaginable to try to resolve these issues such as the infamous PRAM zapping, SMC resetting, several complete reinstalls, installing the iMac Software update 1.1 and not installing it and even praying to god himself with no luck. I'm patiently waiting for another firmware update or OS X 10.4.11 to resolve these issues. I'm not sure if Leopard corrects these problems but I just spent $1500,00 on a new computer and I'm tapped out at the moment and why should I have to pay another $129.00 just to have my iMac running normally. Up until now I've never had a problem with any Apple Computers in all my 20+ years of using them. I just wish they would make a harder effort to resolve these problems.