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That is true for fixed line phones, but I don't think it's true for mobile phones. When GSM started in 1992, there was competition right from the start (and before GSM, normal people would not even think of getting a mobile phone). And for the first couple of years, D2 (later bought by Vodafone) was actually the market leader. T-Mobile got into the lead position only later.

I never heard of that. The license conditions are similar for all license holders. They had to cover a certain percentage of the population within a certain time. You probably confuse that with the fixed line service (T-Com has to give you an ISDN land line wherever you are in Germany, for the same price).

You call that "covering metropolitan areas"? :

I often hear that T-Mobile is better on the countryside than Eplus, but saying Eplus only covers metropolitan areas is really a bit unfair...

I didn't say its true for Mobile pones, what I meant is because people have T-Com as their landline they tend to use T-Mobile.
Uups sorry I actually sad that a bet wrong about the coverage of E-Plus what I meant it that E-Plus concentrates on Metropolitain areas because thats is where you can actually make money.