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I hate Microsoft. However, Pages is not a serious Office competitor. Moreover, I doubt it is intended to be one. For better or worse, Office is the best Suite of its type on the Mac platform. Do not get me wrong I have tried iWork. Pages has improved, but it is far from stacking up in terms of features and compatibility. I do, however, like Keynote over Powerpoint. This is not to say if you do not have to share editable documents regularly for people, Pages will not suit your needs. For instance, you can easily print a Pages document to PDF and share documents with Window's users that way. However, many organizations (think when searching for a job) only accept word based documents.

From having the opportunity to experience the Beta, I have to say Word 2008 is a vast improvement over the old version. Much of this is attributed not necessarily to new features or being Universal (I do not think Office is a pain to run in Rosette), but just general improvements to the interface. Many of these reviews are not able to give a true sense of these improvements. Trust me, Word is a much more pleasant experience. As such, and perhaps unfortunately, I will continue to use Office.

Up until Office 2007 I use to prefer Wordperfect on Windows. There are many innovative features in Wordperfect that do not exist in Office (especially in terms of editing documents and trouble shooting). I wish Wordperfect would have stayed on the Mac. From my ten minute chance to fiddle with Office 2007, I can say I like the ribbon interface, but I have not used the newest version of Wordperfect to compare.