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Hi. I'm setting up a file sharing (and maybe eventually printer serving) G4 running OS X Server 10.1 for less than ten users who are doing graphics work. Sounds simple, right? Install OS X Server, turn on File Sharing, and that's it, right? Fine. Except now everyone gets an 'unexpectedly broken connection' every time they try to log on. I thought maybe by updating Server to 10.1.1 it would work, but I am having trouble doing even that! I've installed the Security Update, as well as the Installer update, or whatever, and couldn't upgrade the server to the 10.1.1 with the downloaded Server patch. Should I install the regular 10.1.1 over the Server 10.1 and THEN install the 10.1.1 Server patch? Has anybody else run into this problem? Nobody can connect to this server and I can't install the upgrade patch! What the hell IS going on?