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So I was reading this thread - and kind of liked it, because from its vacuous and barren origins it somewhat bloomed into an interesting bouquet of moving emotions, pointy wit, sharp intellect, surprising insight and a sprinkle of Adda's plagiarism-proof Take-on-Things.

And I was just scrolling down to the next post, when blinding lightning struck, in deafening silence, and my heart sank, and I knew!

It was one, no two, of Mojo's (Marden's, Abe's, etc) Thread-o-Dead enhanced Zero-Gravity(!) Neutron-only thread nukes, the Mother of all Thread-Busters, that vanishes all angles, vaporizes all dimensions but one, sucks the IQ-level into a dangerously unstable negative, evaporates all meaning, but miraculously leaves the words intact, now littered about.

*sigh* shame, really\

You free associate too damned much already.

By the way, you know of my fame. Cody Dawg, is that you?