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Around Labor Day of 2006, I bought my first iMac. It was a white one with 1GB memory. I quickly upgraded that to 2GB. I liked it so much that I sold my pc, and my laptop, and bought a MacBook around Thanksgiving of 2006. The MacBook is a black one (CD) with 512MB of memory that was also recently upgraded to 2GB.

I still have the MacBook, but my iMac is gone. I bought a new aluminum one the day before Leopard was released. I did this intentionally, so that I would have Tiger installed, but yet I would still get Leopard for $10. Then, if there were any glaring problems with Leopard, I'd still have Tiger installed, and would be able to install either one with the install dvds.

This new aluminum iMac had to be taken back to Apple the next day because it had a dead or stuck pixel right in the middle of the screen. The Apple Store in Madison, WI happily took it back and gave me a new one. The manager there is very good with customer service. Now this second new aluminum iMac also had to go back the next day, because there was something wrong with this screen as well. Right above my dock, there was a defect in the screen cover. It was not a dead pixel. I didn't know what was wrong with it, so again, it's back to Madison to see what's up with it. It turns out that all it was was a piece of lint, or dust, between the screen and the screen cover. They took the cover off, and removed it. No problems now!

This new iMac was upgraded to 4GB of memory from OWC for about $145 FedEx'd to me. I took the 1GB card that was in it, and did the upgrade to my MacBook.

During this past year, I've probably had at least 10 iPods, mainly due to a sickness, or mental defect, that I have, called Upgraditis. You won't find it on WebMD. It's mostly something that I have, and that I suspect that many others here have as well. (The listing of my currently iPods is in my signature below.)

I am virtually 100% pc free right now with these exceptions:
1. MS Visio - I use it for many things. I have it at work so I don't actually use it at home any longer.
2. NetObjects Fusion - I use it for one remaining web site of mine - I have it almost converted to iWeb, but I really need tables, and iWeb doesn't have them any more. I know, I can cut and paste from Numbers, but I really like having the ability to backup iWeb by backing up that one file.
My other sites, and some others are converted completely to iWeb. Hopefully Apple will add tables in the next update to iWeb.

My hopes for 2008 -
1. Larger capacity for the Shuffle. 4GB should do just fine for me.
2. Something larger than an iPod Touch, yet much smaller than a laptop. Maybe something with an 8" screen running OS X for Internet usage. It'll need 32GB or larger so that I can rip my dvd's to it for my daughter, and me, to use on trips. My portable dvd player skips and messes up way too much. It'll also need a small keyboard. I'm picturing something very similar in size to a portable dvd player. A firewire/USB port(s) are also needed to accessories.
3. Movie rentals from iTunes that last 3 days or so. Most movie stores let you keep dvd's longer than 24 hours. I'm not sure that they need to be HD, but if they are, that's even better.
4. DVD-R/RW for AppleTV 2.0, which by the way should also have dvr functionality.
5. #4 could actually be implemented completely into a 42" plasma Apple TV.
6. AppleClicker. This would be the beginning of a REAL transition to a truly standard remote control to control all of my devices.
7. GPS navigation in my iPod Touch.
8. 10GB of free online storage.
9 An Apple digital camera that would blow the doors off of the others. Wi-Fi connections, Edge connections (or something similar).
10. iProd. This would be an iPod built into a cattle prod, so that when I'm sorting cattle, I can listen to music and have my iPod built right in to my electric cattle prod! This market might be limited, but who knows?

Have a great 2008 everyone!
Bring back The Screen Savers!
Bring back The Screen Savers!