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As stated on Apples website, each iPhone comes with one year of hardware repair coverage and up to two years of technical support. The AppleCare Protection Plan for the iPhone extends the hardware repair coverage to two years. Otherwise, if your iPhone needs repair in 2009, which is the second year of your current AT&T contract youll have to pay for that repair. By buying the plan, youll have repair coverage to match your two year contract with AT&T.

Its available on the Apple website and their stores. Within the box are instructions to visit part of the Apple website, use an unique authorization code along with your iPhones serial #, and the plan is activated. It costs $69 and that works out to less than $6 a month for the second year. Right now thats less than buying two gallons of gas a month. Also consider thats certainly less than the cost of repairing whatever may be wrong with your iPhone during the second year.

But you don't have to buy the plan right now. You have up to a year from the date of purchasing the iPhone. Since the iPhone came out June 2007, that means the plan's available to everyone. This makes it a perfect gift to those that already have an iPhone, especially if they werent aware of the plan. Combine it with an iTunes gift card and I think you just made a friend for life, hehe.

Just a friendly FYI to those that have an iPhone.