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Transferring contacts from BlackBerry to iPhone

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Hi all,

I just switched over from a BlackBerry to an iPhone. The lady in the AT&T store said it would be easy to upload my contacts from my BB to my new iPhone. She downloaded all my contacts to a thumb-drive and then told me to go to www.cellbrite.com, download the phonebook application and use that software along with the info on the thumb-drive to upload my contacts to the iPhone.

Sounds easy enough - except that the website she gave me doesn't seem to have the software she was referring to!!!

Can anyone please help with advice as to how to perform this action????

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My son went from a BlackBerry Pearl to an iPhone recently and had no trouble with his contacts. The BB sychronized to his Mac Address Book, which the iPhone picked up automatically when he first synchronized it. He doesn't use the calendar, but if the BlackBerry software works with iCal, the same would be true.

Until I switched to a Mac, I had not difficulty with addresses or calendar from Outlook to the iPhone. But I don't have BlackBerry experience to go with that.

Hope this helps a little.
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If you can get your contacts into (windows) outlook, outlook express or (mac) entourage, or address book, the rest will be easy when syncing in itunes. Maybe your BB allows export or syncing to one of these.
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