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I have Mac OS 10.5 Leopard installed on 4 computers in a Home Network and have a problem with sharing files and using screen sharing. Here is my setup.

MacBook Pro with my logon ID
MacBook Pro with my fiancee's logon ID
Mac Mini with both of our logon ID's
Mac Pro with both of our logon ID's

The problem I have is I am able to access the Mac Mini computer where we have an external Hard Drive connected for data. He is also able to access it. The only problem is we have it set up to only share this external USB drive. Yet for both of us it shares the external drive along with the internal Macintosh HD. Why is it doing this?

Also, I am able to connect from the Mac Mini for example to my MBP and vice versa for screen sharing along with file sharing. Yet if he tries to connect to the Mac Pro from his MBP and vice versa it won't. It simply times out and will never connect for screen sharing or file sharing but yet the Finder shows the Mac Pro. We have a 2nd hard drive in the Mac Pro which is the one set up for file sharing. I am also unable to connect to the Mac Pro's HD. Everything appears to be set up correctly.

We both have .mac but since we are using this on an internal network (some wi-fi, some wired, all through an Airport Base Station Extreme) I would think this has nothing to do with Back to my Mac.