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Jose B. similarly asks: "I would to know if I can set shared folders on the Time Capsule Hard Disk, with restricted permissions (some users can read, some users can r&W, etc).... Would this be possible with Time Capsule?"

Yes, in addition to setting up a single password for all users, both Time Capsule and AirPort Extreme allow you to define a list of users, and assign each read only or full read and write permissions. However, there is no more granular controls to set up drop box (write only) permissions or to define different permissions on different volumes, files, folders or drives.

Ok, how do you do this. In the airport utility i can only create users. When I do a get info on the folders on the Time Capsule Drive, I can only view the permissions as everyone being read/write. It gives me a error message if I try and add a user or group. How can I change the permissions to a folder on a Time Capsule Drive?
I used to administer a OS X Server so I am familiar with setting up users/groups/ACLs and permissions.
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I'm sorry, I read almost all of this below my comment, but I have to ask this cause I'm buyin this for my job, and I don't want to make a mistake.

I have a store with 3 iMac's with Airports class N.
I want to buy a TC and use it as a "server", but, mine is a Photo Shop, so, we take around 1000 pictures everyday, around 8GB, and I would like to store this amount of photos in the TC trough Adobe Ligrtroom and use them trough the wireless network.
Can this be done ? Would it be better to buy a regular WD External HD ?

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The original author states that Apple should make connecting to time capsule via Ethernet more plain, while I agree - I found a way to connect it up and use it as a time machine backup device (and browse).

I ran an nmap against the device and found that it is listening on port 548/TCP which is the afp protocol port - which provided a great hint.

To be clear, these are the steps to connect the device on a LAN, not a direct connect to a Mac - which seems to be trivial.

1) Connect the TC device up to your LAN, provide it with a good LAN (Ethernet) IP address (or utilize DHCP).
2) Once you know the IP address (you can find this under the airport utility), write it down for future reference.
3) Turn on Bonjour (from Airport Utility / Time Capsule) on the TC device, click EDIT on the same screen and provide a hostname, username and password.
4) Open Safari and type the following URL: afp://<TC IP ADDR>

Once you press enter, it should request for the username and password that you entered in step 3.
After that, my TC device showed up in Time Machine and it is backing up right now.

I am not completely sure that Bonjour needs to be turned on, but I have not had time to test it with the setting turned off.

I hope that helps.

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