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80Gb iPod skips to next audiobook

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This was posted before, but I didn't see an answer so much as a "me too" thread, so I thought I'd try again. This problem has to be one of the most aggrevating bugs in a product I've ever dealt with and I've been living with this since day one.

Just about every audiobook I have initially picks up where I last left off, but before it starts to actually play, it will suddenly skip to the next "file". I use the word "file" because some books are all one big file that may be several hours long, and others may be individual chapters and still others may be groups of chapters. When this happens, I have to go up a menu, select the book I was listening to and hit play. This starts the book over and I have to fast forward to the point where I left off.

This happens whether I listen to it on the way to work and then 9 hours later hit play to listen on the way home, or if I hit pause to fill up the gas tank and then get back in a few minutes later. It even happens if I hit pause for just a minute or so and come back to it.

But it never happens all the time. It's intermittent, so I never know when I'm going to be driven up that particular wall! I've been on the Apple website and my iPod's still under warranty, but I'm not eligible to call and talk with anyone about it, and Apple doesn't seem to have an ability to email their support to ask them a question so there seems to be no way for Apple to tell me if they're aware of the bug and are working on a fix!!!

I did restored the iPod which didn't help and I'm on software version 1.3 on the iPod.

PLEASE, can anyone help since Apple doesn't seem interested in helping anyone?

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5th gen 60GB iPod, same problem. Software version 1.2.1.

What I've been able to do is if the audiobook's paused and I'm returning to it after an extended period of time is that I'll play a song file first for a few seconds. I'll then go back to the audiobook and resume playing it. Whether this will work for you or not, I'm not sure as you have a newer iPod.

Good luck.
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