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Everything got erased!

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Please help! I have important files on my computer and they have all disappeared!

I changed the owner name on my macbook and lost all of my documents!

Is there anything that can be done? I figure there has to be something. I am new to mac OS but good with tec details so please, if you know a way to fix this just lay it out for me!

Thank you for your time everyone.

Mr Need Help
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An OS usually just make things invisible when you remove something.
I really do not understand exactly what you have done but changing owners name or the name on an account should not remove the content of that user.

Go to help menu and search for "root"
Folow instructions to activate root
log in as root and start looking for your files.
All your files should be somewere in "Users" OS X handling of account names is quite messy but it should be there somewere
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Note in the future, to not change the name of your administrator account.
It's a good idea to have a second backup administrator account anyway.
But if you really hate the old one.

First back up the entire disk using SuperDuper, CarbonCopyCloaner or another backup utility.
Create the new account.
Copy everything that you need from the old account to the new one.
Verify you didn't miss anything for about a week.
Then delete the old account after you store the backup in a safe place just incase.
Why do so many Sys Admins hate the Mac? . A q u a M a c .
Why do so many Sys Admins hate the Mac? . A q u a M a c .
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Your files are not lost! As noted above, you really should not try to rename your user folder. But you can fix the whole problem, straight from Apple:
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