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I have finally decided on a hard drive configuration for my Mac Pro 2.66 due to a little product that helped me think thru this. I am just unsure if this will work. I have heard that you can't boot windows off of an external so that messed up some ideas. But I didn't have an external to check, but I am sure that is the case.

What gave me the idea was this...

But what I want/need to do is have this setup:

750 GB PATA/100 connected to the optical bus like that nifty mount says to do, which I just didn't even think of, duh. That drive will be connected and partition for 350 GB for Windows and 350 GB for Linux. I know it will be slow...

The other part of the setup is 4 x 1 TB SATA/II in a RAID 0+1 configuration for 2 TBs of storage and reliability for a Mac OS X boot drive,

Here are questions:

Can I boot off that PATA/100 drive with Windows/Linux?

Will Windows/Linux be able to see the RAID Volume (Apple SoftRAID)?

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Adobe Systems - "Preventing the Case-Sensitive revolution everyday..."