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No username/password Need Help!

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I am in a huge pickle and require some help please.
I'll start at the beginning:

I was installing an app (Facebook Exporter for iPhoto) when I was
asked for the administrator username and password.
No surprise there - except that in the box, there was no username as there usually.
So I typed it in, as well as the password - no luck.

It wouldn't work, so I restarted, but got just a black screen with white writing saying this:
/etc/master.passwd: no such file or directory

So I googled to this solution:

Followed the instructions and now I can get to the initial Mac OS X ( login screen

I tried to reset with the Install CD - the only user there is is the System Administrator (root).
It didn't work. It says that there is either a disk error or that it couldn't be done.

HOW DO I RESET the username/password or CREATE a new one or SOMETHING to access my computer again????

PLEASE help. 1st time poster. Kind of a noob. THANKS!
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It sounds like it has been deleted or become corrupt for some unknown reason.

The best thing to do would be boot from the install disc and run an archive and install this will archive all your data and move it to a folder called I think previous system.

You then need to run all available updates and install apps againif any don't work which I have found occassionally happens.

This will give you back the name and password as it should be.

Lets know how you go.
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