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I have a home network consisting of a DSL modem, a DLink Router (DI-624) and two computers.
One is a Windows box, the other an iMac (Alu, 20", 2GHz, 2GB Ram), both are connected via LAN cables to the router.

Every now and then, sometimes every 10-25 minutes or every second hour, I am not able to access the Interweb, but still the Router, which says PPPOE connected, via Safari. Everything going out and coming in to and from the Internet stops. Browser, FileSharing software, Skype all stop working for 30 to 60 seconds. They are still reacting, but can't get anything down or uploaded.

All was okay, until maybe a week ago. But I don't know how. There was no new Software installed, I'm up-to-date since a month or so (10.5.2), even restarted the damn thing. But nothing seems to work.

Has anyone any advice for solving this problem?

Thanks in advance.