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Booting to blue screen "AppleFWOHCI"

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Hi all. First post, and sorry to say my first post is a question.

I'm not computer illiterate by any means, but when it comes to Mac--well, my Mac glory days were 7.5.3, and I never cought up with the newer systems.

I'm working on a G4 that had OS 9.2.2 on it. Friend asked if I could upgrade it to 10.5. After some reading, I said "Sure, no problem". Proceeded. Figured I'd install an older version of OS10 first and then upgrade that to OS10.5, since the OS10.5 installer won't launch directly from 9.2.2..

So, cruising along, older version of OS10's installing (I think it was 10.3--can't even get the CD out to check), and comes up with an error--computer reboots.

Now, I'm booting to a blue screen that reads:

AppleFWOHCI: powering on FireWire
Finished set power state on
UniNEthernet ::setPowerState(1, 0x014a5000)
IRM contender: ffffffc0
max FireWire tree depth is 0
FireWire Speed map:

And it sits.

Now, if this were a PC, my guess would be:

A) Couldn't boot from HDD
B) Couldn't boot from CDROM
C) Trying to boot from Firewire/Network adapter.

There are no external devices.

Anyone got any ideas?
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It depends on the spec of the machine. Some models were no longer supported after 10.2 and you had to use some 3rd party software to get them to work:


If you have say a Sonnet G4 upgraded machine, it's likely to be the problem.
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