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Dvorak Keyboard - Where can I buy?

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Does anybody know where you can buy a Dvorak Keyboard for the Mac these days?
I cannot evenf ind any for windows.
I know Apple used to make Dvorak Keyboard back when the first imac came out.
but they also seem to have dropped that habit.

I guess you can learn Dvorak with a piece of paper in front of you, and after sometime you will know where all the buttons are.
But I would really prefer to have a proper keyboard with the right buttons infront of me.
Preferable even a German Dvorak Keyboard.

So anybody know a keyboard manufacturer who makes dvorak keyboard?

Or maybe a keyboard with built in LEDs or something underneath every button to you can simple switch between different keyboard layout.


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Depending on what kind of keyboard you have, you could easily do it yourself by repositioning the letters yourself on the keyboard. Is really easy on the MacBook and new iMac keyboard, just use a flat screwdriver to loosen the key, and put it where it belongs.
I think the older keyboards are as easy as the new ones, I could easily remove a key from my old iBook.

Look for "dvorak keyboard mac" with google, and you will find some tips.

It's cheaper that way anyway.

If you've done so, you just go to System Preferences > International > Input Menu > Dvorak.
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Hm, I have to try that with the new keyboard if its really that easy I am always worried I trash a keyboard if I do that.
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Don't be afraid. It's really easy. I tried it already, and after being anxious of breaking something, I managed to loose a key just fine.
The keys make a noise when being loosed, but that's just the sound of being detached from their bracket.

Just be gentle to them, and nothing should go wrong.
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Easy. The keys are quite durable.

Although I can't say that I recommend going Dvorak unless you have/had a hand injury and you're trying to retrain your nerves.
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