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Iphone 2.0 upgrade

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While there are no rumors to be had in this thread, i have a question for those who know a lot more about this than i do

i am a current (happy) owner of an iphone and am looking forward to the iphone 2.0 in june, but what does it mean exactly for me?

While I'm pretty sure apple will continue to support iphone 1 with the (most) of 2.0 software, if i wanted to upgrade does that mean that i would have to shell out an additional 400 for a completely new phone and get rid of the old one? do i get a bit of credit from apple to upgrade?

I'm throwing stupid ideas out there because i simply do not know.

thanks for the help,
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Yes, you'd have to pay full price for a new phone. Just as you can't trade in an old iPod toward a new one.
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