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Originally Posted by aegisdesign View Post

The rumour stated they were going 64bit ONLY - ie. dropping 32bit support. So no, that seamlessness does not remain. As I said, that would be nuts. OSX wouldn't be able to run major apps. Therefore I think this rumour is total garbage.

It's pretty nuts to drop PPC support too IMHO although I can see that possibly happening - like Apple have dropped Classic and dropped 64bit Carbon for mostly strategic reasons rather than technical.

What I suspect they might do is only support 10.6 on 64bit X86 machines and it will be a top to bottom 64bit OS so Core Duo Macs and PPC Macs are out of luck for upgrades, BUT it will support the running of 32bit X86 apps and probably 32/64bit PPC apps too via Rosetta. They've got that technology nailed in a way that makes Windows' 32/64bit support look pathetic so it seems quite silly to dump it after one OS release.

Your interpretation is that they will get rid of all things 32-bit. That's one way they could go, but it's not the only interpretation.

It could simply mean that the Mac will no longer be able to boot on 32-bit machines. That in itself does not say anything about whether or not it will be able to run 32-bit apps.

The x86-64 architecture allows both 32-bit and 64-bit applications to coexist simultaneously in the same processor mode. There's no "emulation" required in the strictest sense of the word. All that's needed is two sets of entry points - one 32-bit and one 64-bit - to the OS's APIs.
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Originally Posted by GregAlexander View Post

The cocoa only rumour is a bit odd. And MacRumors updated their info to say "John Gruber clarifies that "pure Cocoa" does not have anything to do with dropping Carbon from the OS"

They said that some parts of the OS are only accessible via carbon at present, and they will now be accessible via cocoa.

I was actually wondering about the opposite. By that I mean - Carbon is currently an API available in parallel to Cocoa. Is it possible to rebuild Carbon such that Carbon works via Cocoa? I assume that it's possible but would have a high overhead and be needlessly complicated to implement?

Perhaps mdriftmeyer can answer this better but as far as I was aware, some of Cocoa relies on Carbon underneath already. ie. you've a nice Objective-C Cocoa interface but inside the object it's making carbon calls.

What Gruber meant was that they've expanded Cocoa to include everything that you'd had to do in Carbon previously because no Cocoa equivalent existed. Apple could then deprecate Carbon and it would then be for internal use only and Cocoa is the only official API.

Now, Apple, prior to WWDC last year was apparently almost feature complete on Carbon 64bit but decided that, strategically, Cocoa was the future. Most Apple devs (except Adobe and MS) would probably agree with that stance. If now they've wrapped more of Carbon 64bit inside Cocoa then it makes sense that they could drop 32bit entirely. There's still a heck of a compatibility issue there though - no 32bit and no Carbon.
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January 2009 seems a bit too soon to have an OS that won't run Carbon apps.

It seems more likely that the OS will run carbon apps, but as Kickaha suggested, the Carbon headers will be removed and developers will no longer be able to target Carbon, ready for Carbon's complete removal in 10.7.

Abandoning PPC is highly probable. 10.6 should still have Rosetta, which again we'll probably see the back of in 10.7.

Overall, I think Apple's approach to backwards compatibility (to ignore it as much as possible ) is preferable to Microsoft's. It's Microsoft's inability to break with the past that has really held them back. Apple is much more forward-looking and prepared to drop the things that are holding them back. This does the platform more favours than harm IMHO.

Oh, nearly forgot - I suppose one possibility is that 10.6 really will remove carbon entirely, but will include virtualisation allowing you to run 10.5 simultaneously (like classic for OS 9)?
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