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Mail syncing and iPhone

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I currently have an iPod Touch which I use when away for weekends to keep on top of mail. I'm switching to an iPhone 3G on the 11th, but my big problem is the handling of mail. At the moment, I have two POP accounts - business and personal.

I use Mail on Leopard and have it set up to leave messages on the server until removed from the inbox. This allows me to download messages on my iPod touch which are still in the inbox, but it is a messy solution, and if I deal with mail on my iPod Touch and then delete it, it still exists in my mail inbox.

Is there an elegant solution to this? Mobile me looks good, but won't help users like me with two existing addresses.

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IMAP. If your mail accounts support it, turn it on and use that.

If they don't, then you may be out of luck. However, .mac does support checking a POP account, so you could have all your messages forwarded into your .mac account. Then you could check that via IMAP and stay in sync.

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