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I'm in my mid 30's now (time flies),

I grew up on Atari/ Commadore 64 then graduated to a Mac classic (I miss those days).


Years later I took a graphics/ photo/ art class at my local community collage that was "all Mac" (this was pre-iMac). Then out cam the first iMac. I loved it (shipped with the game "MDK" from "Shiny Entertainment").

I was lucky enough to have a mom that worked for a certain county office of education that used only Macs.


I found PC's to be more affordable (I sooo... regret this). IE, PC and viruses oh my.

I now utilize an E Machine running Vista 32 bit and I know that the iphone 3G will sync well enough with it... HU?

"What the hell is your question dude!!!???" That's a direct quote from an X- girlfriend of mine (I broke up with HER by the by).

I see the 3G as an affordable opening for me to re-introduce my self back into the Apple Family yet the web is full of... you know. I guess I have to Trial-and-Error it.

See for my self... You know?

I've been through Verizon/ T-Mobile... The latter was good and the former was not.

I feel that I must wait until the 1st quarter of 2009 to "return" to Apple. You know... Get a feel of the reaction of others before I jump in.

Who knows. Maybe this is a nostalgic reaction.

My questions, which are pretty much answered now are as follows:

1. Browsing. I am willing to ditch my land line (because I can mentality) and ATT provided DSL for an iphone 3G but I hear that the 3G hates flash for now.

Where's the (streaming) porn, I mean love?

I want a full Data Plan! I want mobile bill pay! I want every single site that I visit on my iphone to welcome me with open arms! I want FOX and CNN live.

I now live in Sac county, CA. and the nearest MobiTV access is in Reno, NV/ SoCal.

I am 10 mins. away from ATT 3G but reside in EDGE territory.

That's my question.

I want you so bad Apple but as I say this I am watching a movie on the couch with Black Berry and Nokia.

I want (and the like) on my iphone.