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Rogers Canada iPhone memo making the rounds

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A Rogers Wireless internal memo purportedly detailing iPhone pricing and data rates for Canada has been circulating amongst blog sites this week. Electronista notes that the document points to a standard personal account requiring a $30 data plan like that of AT&T that would provide unlimited access to at least the web, normal e-mail, and Visual Voicemail when linked to a phone plan that includes voice messages. Corporate users would likewise pay $45 per month for similar offerings plus access to work e-mail.

Voice rates would be unchanged from the offerings at both Fido and Rogers, but the data rates have been created with Apple's phone in mind and will be attached to "qualified" calling plans, the document claims. It's unclear whether separate data rates would apply to YouTube or third-party apps.

It should be noted that memo looks a lot like an AT&T Mobility document on the matter with all AT&T references replaced with those applicable to Rogers Wireless and its partners and services. Readers can compare the original document (below) with the one making the rounds.

***Confidential AT&T Information. For Internal Distribution Only.***

AT&T and Apple today announced that the iPhone 3G will be available in the U.S on July 11. iPhone 3G combines three products into one small, lightweight device: a revolutionary mobile phone, a widescreen iPod, and it puts the Internet in your pocket with the best e-mail, web browsing, search and maps applications ever on a mobile phone.

The new version of the iPhone harnesses the power of AT&T's broad and powerful 3G mobile broadband network, which offers 3G mobile phones download speeds of up to 1.4 Mbps.

Key Device Features:

Operates on Wi-Fi, EDGE, and 3G networks
New enterprise e-mail capability with support for Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync
New iPhone software development kit (SDK) to support new innovative applications
Note: 2G iPhone customers will be able to download the iPhone 2.0 software from iTunes which enables new features such as access to corporate e-mail via Microsoft ActiveSync.

New Activation Process and BRE:
The iPhone 3G will be activated at point of sale when the device is purchased, in store. The BRE period will change from 14 days to 30 days and will require the device to be returned to place of purchase before service is cancelled.

Pricing and Plans
Device Pricing:
$199 8GB and $299 16GB for new activations and qualified upgrades with 2-year agreement.

Data Plans and Pricing:
The iPhone 3G will be activated on existing AT&T voice rate plans, but new data plans have been created for the 3G device.

All iPhone 3G customers are required to have one of the new data plans and qualifying voice plan.
Customers intending to use the iPhone 3G for access to corporate e-mail, business applications, or access to corporate intranet are required to activate with Enterprise Data Plan for iPhone.
The 2G data rate plans will remain available for 2G devices until further notice.
IRU service discounts for both voice and data pans will apply to iPhone 3G, but not 2G iPhone.
CRU service discounts for voice and data will apply to both 2G and 3G, when on a qualifying data plan.
IRUs will not get a discount on device purchase for 2G or iPhone 3Gs.
Data Pricing will be as follows:
Consumer Data Plan (must be added to qualified voice plan):
$30 - Unlimited Data (E-mail/Web), includes Visual Voicemail

Enterprise Data Plan (must be added to qualified voice plan):
$45 Â Unlimited Data with personal and corporate e-mail, web, includes Visual Voicemail

Upgrade Eligibility and Qualified Upgrade Pricing
Upgrade eligibility will be determined based on standard upgrade eligibility rules. Customers must be upgrade eligible to receive the qualified upgrade pricing. However, not all customers will be qualified upgrades. AT&T has not determined the price of the 3G device for non-qualified upgrades.

All customers will be required to sign a 2-year agreement. There will not be a "no commitment" price for the iPhone 3G.

Note: When the 3G device launches, all active postpaid customers in good standing with a 2G iPhone will be eligible to receive the qualified upgrade pricing for a 3G device regardless of service tenure. (Customers that would not otherwise be eligible due to tenure will be made eligible at launch).

Activation Process
The new 3G device will be activated in store in both AT&T and Apple stores. Customers must accept AT&T and Apple Ts & Cs, sign a 2-year agreement, and select the data plan for the iPhone 3G before leaving the store. The current iTunes activation process will no longer be required for iPhone 3Gs, however a short tether process to unbrick the 3G device will be performed in all AT&T stores (tether cords will be provided). Apple stores will also perform this tether process, however in the event that a customer's device is not tethered in the Apple store, their device will be inoperable until they get home and tether through iTunes. Prepaid and Pick Your Plan will not be allowed on the 3G device.

The SSK has been modified to allow customers interested in the iPhone 3G to enter their information, select rate plans and data plans, and print a document that will allow COR reps to quickly access the customer's information in OPUS and save time for data entry in the activation process.

Note: In the interim, 2G iPhones will continue to be activated via iTunes - BAU. This is also true for existing AT&T customers who receive a 2G device as a gift, hand-me-down, etc. and wish to activate the device. Existing AT&T customers who switch to the 2G iPhone must tether through the iTunes process to begin using the device.

Because the 3G device will be activated in store, compensation for the 3G device will be BAU. COR reps will receive compensation for upgrades and new activations with a 2-year agreement.

Purchase Limit
The device purchase limit will remain three (3) per customer for iPhone 3G in AT&T stores.

If allocations are required at launch, supply chain will allocate based on January-April sales rates applied on a store-by-store basis.

Direct Fulfillment
The DF tool will be available at launch in COR for iPhone 3Gs. Customers will be required to pay for the device when the order is placed and the phone will be shipped to the store in the customer's name.

Existing Stock of 2G Devices
We will continue to sell 2G devices until stock is depleted.

Return Policy
2G Devices
Customers who recently purchased a 2G iPhone may want to return their device once they hear about the 3G model and price point, but the new device will not be available immediately. Since the announcement and launch will be about 30 days apart, we could lose some customers who are within their BRE period and want to return their device before their 14 days expires and wait for the new 3G device. We must acknowledge and address their desire to get the best device for them.

Here's how AT&T will handle 2G iPhone returns:

If a customer purchased before 5/27, we will follow BAU processes  no device returns. However, all postpaid 2G iPhone customers in good standing are upgrade eligible, so these customers will qualify to upgrade to a 3G iPhone when it is available.
If a customer purchased on or after 5/27 (within the 14-day BRE period before the product announcement on 6/9), we will let them exchange their 2G iPhone for an iPhone 3G before August 1. This means that after we launch the 3G model they can return their 2G iPhone, pay the 10% restocking fee, and purchase a new iPhone 3G before August 1.
Note: This modified return policy applies only to customers who purchase from AT&T stores.

3G Devices
The return policy for 3G is changing from 14 days to 30 days for both Apple and AT&T stores.

To cancel service within the first 30 days, the customer must return their equipment to the place of purchase (no exceptions).
If the customer cancels service after 30 days, they will be charged the ETF. The customer is not required to return the device to cancel after 30 days.
Special Notes Regarding 2G Devices

After the iPhone 3G launches, activations of 2G iPhones for new AT&T customers can be performed in COR stores or in the existing iTunes tether process. COR reps will receive compensation for activations of new AT&T customers done in store.
2G upgrades will continue to be activated via the existing iTunes tether process.
Existing 2G data plans will remain available for 2G devices until further notice.
Note: 2G iPhones are out of stock in the DCs, and the Direct Fulfillment tool for 2G is turned off. 2G iPhones have been removed from the "myRewards" incentive catalog.


Current 2G iPhones should remain on device fixtures in store. Do not remove 2G demo devices until further notice.
3G demos will be pulled from stock when they arrive following BAU process for display devices.
Video loop content will be pushed to stores when it is available.
New docks and retrofit kits will be provided for existing iPhone fixtures.
The following merchandising elements will be in stores for launch:

Rate brochure and display rate card
22 x 28 poster
Window banner
Duratrans - will be available for markets to order
Coming Soon: Posters and banners are TBD

Device training, including features and functionality, will be available via My CSP by 6/13.
OPUS training will begin no later than 6/20 and will be delivered via the Learning Edge.
Launch preparedness training, including last minute details, will be conducted the week of launch (if needed) via RSM or Centra sessions.
Communications/My CSP
All iPhone-related communications, inclusive of training announcements, will be posted to My CSP. Login and access are via the "Everything iPhone 3G" ad space. Or search on either keyword "iZone" or keyword "iPhone 3G" to locate.

Launch Plans
Support logistics for launch day will mirror last year's iPhone launch:

Letters will be sent to all landlords under VP/GM signature for advance notice of store hours, crowds expected, possible parking issues, etc.
Security will be provided for locations requesting armed police or unarmed, uniformed guards.
Manager checklists will be provided to support RSMs to set expectations and help them be prepared to complete all required actions.
Documents will be posted on iZone to let RSMs know when to expect delivery of launch support materials.
Job descriptions for key launch day functions will be provided for: Back Office Manager/Inventory Runner, Crowd Manager, Greeter, Product Demonstrator, and Security Support.

***Confidential AT&T Information. For Internal Distribution Only.***Â*
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It comes from a very reliable source and has been backed up by at least on other employee at Fido. The press releases were all the same from every carrier, I'm sure this could be the same too.
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It's real, Mr. Rogers told me so.
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LOL, all-mighty AppleInsider thinks this is fake, but with no information to back it up?

Guys, remember when all those carriers announced the exact same thing, that the iPhone 3G would be coming "later this year"? Like 20 carriers used that exact same statement in their news releases. Why? Apple was telling them to say it. Here, Apple is telling both Rogers and AT&T what to say.

Besides, if you actually read closely there are nuances which suggest it's more than a copy-and-paste job, plus there have been other staffers who have independently confirmed this news release.

Put on your thinking caps AppleInsider.
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Being a longtime member of howardforums and follower of this situation, I can tell you that there is a strong chance this is legit. The poster, i.Fido, was backed up by others that work for Rogers and not just at the CSR level. I am timid to believe because of the lack of good offers EVER by Rogers but I give this a 90% probability.
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What happened to the word 'fake' that was previously in the title of this article?
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