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I remember when I was about 7 years old, my Mom brought home a George Carlin LP (Take Offs and Put Ons) as a gift for me. It was an earlier record of his more tame routines from the early 60's. I loved it. He made fun of the news formats of the times; the wacky weatherman (Hal Sleet) and the indifferent anchorman.

A few years later (1972), my brother got me his record "Occupation: Fool" and I noticed that this record was a huge departure form the other. Laced with profanities (it has the original '7 dirty words' sketch) my mother was shocked at first that my brother would get me an album at such a young age, but after listening (and laughing) herself, she realized that there was a meaning to Carlin's methods. She let me keep the record. And I played it over and over again. I bought every other recording and watched every television appearance since.

Carlin was my jester, my teacher, my philosopher and in some ways my friend. I wish I could have met him and thank him for his humor and his insights on life and death.

But he's still with us. In our minds, in words, sound and vision.

Rest in peace bro'.