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Hello all,

My problem started a month or so ago when I noticed autofill on my Gmail account stopped working. I found that every time I opened Safari and checked the auto-fill preferences, a 'Passwords Never Saved' for google was there with my username and password for google right underneath it. After removing the 'Passwords Never Saved' line, Gmail would correctly auto-fill. But every time I opened Safari, "Passwords Never Saved' always appeared. Another example is for Facebook. I found that my auto-fill just stopped. When I checked the preferences, there was no listing of Facebook at all with 'Passwords Never Saved' or with my password and username. After logging in it would never ask me if I wanted to save it.

And just today, I decided to Reset Safari. After I reset, I found that a handful of usernames and passwords, including the 'Passwords Never Saved' for google remained. And they would stay if I clicked Remove All.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to troubleshoot this? Thanks for any help any of you can give.