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how many macs

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anyway to tell how many macs are on line on a home network (HARD WIRED). i know how to tell how many wireless clients are on line via airport utility. i have a roomate and i want to know if there is a way to know if he is on line at any given time. i have 3 macs and a couple of i phones using my network at any given time, so i would like to monitor what is using my bandwidth. thanks...
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If it's plugged in he's online. If you want to know if he's actually surfing then you need to walk over and ask him or install a sniffer
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You can download Bonjour Browser and it will list all the devices.

As for monitoring bandwidth, you can use a packet sniffer but I think it only works if he's using an unencrypted wireless connection as it can intercept the packets. Hard wired, you'd have to install a bandwidth monitor on his computer or something between him and the router.

Sharing the internet from your computer to his should let you do that. You do get some routers that show real-time bandwidth graphs but they aren't always that reliable. 802.11n was supposed to come with QoS features that should let you allocate maximum bandwidths to individual clients.
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