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The iPhone 3G is still on GreenPeace's TOXIC list!
The list of deadly and sickening chemicals still in the iPhone causes one to wonder,
"just what in the world are these people trying to do?"
Mind you, I am not personally trying to accuse Apple of trying to kill you and your children,
I am just you average concerned citizen with enough sense to read when an organization
as reputable as GreenPeace warns me of a deadly hazard in my pocket!
I'd assumed that Apple had cleaned up it's act after GP had warned the public about the
iPhone 1. But, that is apparently not the case, now these things emit even more RADIATION
using this 3G stuff than ever before!

Wear foil over you ear people! Wash your hands after touching one of these things!

The best advice I could possibly give you all though is, "Wait for the ZunePhone!"

This post is written as a public service.