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Does anybody else besides me think that Quicken's user interface is crap? What's sad is that I tried iBank which is a "built for mac app" and it basically used the same interface. Like somebody else mentioned, I've turned to Numbers.
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Originally Posted by smallbiz View Post

There are two more business packages in this price point for the Mac that are serious accounting packages - and easy to use. The first is FirstEdge. The second is AccountEdge. FirstEdge is made for the sole proprietor, or someone without a corporation, payroll or inventory.

There are lesser or greater products than MYOB or QuickBooks, but both of them do a nice job of doing accounting. If you're an accounting geek, there is also MoneyWorks (which is an international, not a US product). iBank (which is just a checkbook) and Marketcircle's Billings (which only does invoicing, but it's cool) are more lightweigh versions. Netsuite is state of the art full CRM and really, it needs configuration and setup, and it's a serious investment. There is also the ever-ancient Multi-Ledger, and the mid-level AcctVantage.

Thanks for the info. I'm actually familiar with many of those, because I'm constantly in search of an alternative to QB. However, do any of those support multiple lines of business? As far as I can tell, not one does, which I find surprising.

I find it very handy to track separate lines of business and be able to generate reports where each line of business is broken out separately (as a separate column).
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My BIG BIG BIG beef with intuit is....

they have to have direct connect to upload/download transactions directly from within quickbooks or quicken. From the initial story, it looks like this might be included in this version. All I can say it is way way way late coming.

Second, Intuit needs to keep their grubby little greedy hands off the banks and require them to pay SEPERATELY to support for macintosh vs PC. The end result to all users is that the vast majority of banks [>90%] ONLY support direct connect with the PC and not the mac version. This results in a severe severe limitation of banking choices where the feature can be utilized. I don't know how moneydance does it, but it allows use of all banks where PC direct connect capability is available for use on the mac also.

What do you'all think?
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