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Alright, so my macbook pro is heating up during sleep. I close the computer and put it in its laptop case after some light use (email, web w/o flash, etc). After an hour I pick up the computer from its case and it is burning hot. Immediately when I wake it from sleep the fan is going full blast. The hard drive also spins up pretty hard (more so than I've noticed coming out of sleep).

Something similar happened when I was running Windows last night. I left the computer open and running on my desk (no programs open) and the fan just kept running at full blast the entire time. The task manager in windows was showing about 20 percent use of the processor max so nothing was happening beneath the hood as far as I can tell.

Any ideas? If anyone has ideas for what I could do to fix it I'd be grateful. I'm studying abroad in Greece right now where there are no Apple Stores, and I have yet to see an authorized retailer.

2.2 ghz with 2gb ram I think the last generation (got it new over Christmas)

Thank you!

ps. The bluetooth has nothing under it except for "Bluetooth: Not Available." So that appears to have broken... Maybe my board is just dying? Wifi still works though.