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As many of you already know, on October 19, Balm will open up for "the Boss"
at the House of Blues in Chicago! (7:30 PM)
Reaction has been quite enthusiastic to say the least. However the House of Blues
is a rather small venue and I want my special friends in the area to be there.
So here is the deal: I have reserved 50 free tickets for Zunist! That's right!
All you have to do is to show up with your Zune, show it to the bouncers and say,
"I'm a friend of Steve's!" They will usher you to several mid-section tables, all
expenses paid (peanuts, chips, sodas, fajitas ... all pre-paid). Be sure to show
early on the day of the show, because when the 50 are gone that's it!
Bruce said, "please open up with So Far Away From Home!"