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Can't delete second partition on macbook

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Hi, I'm really new to Mac and the OS X software as I've been using Microsoft my whole life but got fed up with the constant instability of Windows XP and Vista but in some cases I needed to open .exe files so I recently tried installing Windows XP onto my mac book with Boot Camp and I accidentally chose the NTFS file instead so I could not use the Dual boot setup. I reformatted my mac book afterward with the disks that came with the mac book however I had to choose one among the two partitions. When I finished setting up, I tried using boot camp to delete the other partition but an error message came up: "The setup disk must be formatted as a single Mac OS Extended "Journaled" volume or already partitioned by Boot Camp Assistant for installing Windows." So I reformatted the second partition into OS X as well and the same message shows up. I just want to change it back into one partition instead of two. I went to the Disk Utility section to try and delete it as well but an error message comes up saying i cannot delete this. Can anyone help?
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How about backing up all your data to an external drive as a mirror (I recommend superduper!) then reformatting your macbook (doing a clean install), I know you've already done this twice but this is what I can think of, and boot from the OS X disc. Use the disk utility on the OS X installer to delete both the Mac and windows partitions or just repartition over the top as a single partition. Make sure you partition as Mac OS Extended "Journaled" and case sentitive. Makes things easier in the long run.

I've never seen this happen before but sounds the most logical solution to me. Hope this helps
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