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Hi all-

My wife and I recently got iPhones. My plan for my wife's phone is to sync the calendar with her Windows machine at work and everything else with our Mac at home. More details here:

So far she's synced up with her work calendar fine, and downloaded appplications great from my home machine. But when I try to sync media (music/video) with my media library on my home computer, I get this error:

"{My wife's iPhone} is synced with another iTunes library. Do you want to erase this iPhone and sync with this iTunes library?"

Now, there is no music or video on her iPhone currently, so I'm assuming that it will just "erase" the empty iTunes library on the phone. But because it says "erase this iPhone" rather than "erase this iPhone's media library," I just thought I'd double check. So, my question: if I click "yes" on this, I'm not going to lose her calendar, contacts, etc., am I? I do have iTunes set up on our home computer so that it specifically should only be syncing audio, video, and applications with my wife's iPhone. But just seeing that "erase this iPhone" message makes me really anxious.

Thanks in advance.