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PB, luckily I don't have to pay for Office for Mac, I can download it for free from the IT department at my school like I did with Office for PC on my new computer. It rocks because the last version of Office that i had purchased didn't have PowerPoint. As far as the AppleCare goes, I was planning on purchasing that anyway. I have never bought an extended warranty for a computer, but I usually replace my PC's before it is an issue. Well, except for right now. The desktop my husband uses is 5 years old and the laptop is 4. As much as I'm paying for this Mac, I want to be SURE it lasts for a very very long time! The chances of me getting another one anytime in the near future are slim, and my next computer purchase would be a desktop to replace the old Dell anyway. Guess I just have to wait until tomorrow to see what the announcement brings and then I can make my final decision!