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OK so, I have a black 8GB that I got a little less than a year ago. It's worked fine except for the minor hanging every so often but yesterday I was listening to it and it randomly started trying to play 10 songs at once, and then flashed the apple sign and went into disk mode with the 'OK to Disconnect' screen on. I tried resetting it and it gave me the connect to power screen, so I plugged it into my computer but to no avail. iTunes said it was corrupted and to restore it, which I did, but that errored out. I put it into disk mode which made windows tell me it was an 'unformatted USB drive' and if Windows was to use it it had to be formatted. After going through it with windows to try to make it work, my computer forcibly ejected it and now it will not connect back to the computer or into the wall. I've tried the 5 R's, and every other troubleshooting idea I can think of. I'm at a loss. Any suggestions?