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I seem to be having a problem with my macbooks airport card, It stays connected all the time never looses any of the airport bars. But after I am viewing deviant art (only site I have been able to document so far), firefox stops loading pages for about 2 minutes and then starts working again. It will not load any other web sites.

It has started happening every since I installed 10.5.6, and happens most often at my colleges wireless network, UCSD full cisco wireless network.

I am going to keep my eye on it at home and see if it does it in other browsers, and more specifically if it only does it on deviant art. Although I also had a similar issue on JSTOR, a online article database search tool.

This weekend I did a full reinstall of OSX 10.5.4 from the disk an updated to 10.5.6.

The laptop is the base black model with upgraded 4 gb's of memory.

Any other information you need or clarification please ask. Thank you.