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I bought my time capsule last year, about September. It backed up at the regular hourly intervals just fine all the way through November. That's when it suddenly would spend hours upon hours saying that it was "Preparing backup." Out of frustration that nothing was working and it was slowing down my system, I turned off Time Machine.

About three days ago, I tried to see if I could get things working again. I turned on Time Machine, set everything up, and began the backup. Now, I don't have a whole lot of data on my computer, but it is all pretty important. So it began backing up my files...very....slowly. It took until this morning, over 60 hours later to back up 52GB of information. Suddenly, I got a popup window saying that there was an error with Time Machine in creating a backup directory.

If you have any ideas, or ways to help fix this problem, I would be very gracious. My data from the last two months hasn't gotten a backup and it would be great to get things rolling again with Time Capsule and Time Machine.

Thank you!