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Shutdown cursor freeze

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Hi, i just got a new macbook pro unibody a few weeks ago, and when i go to shutdown the mac, my cursor is stuck for a good 20 or so seconds and then i can finally move it to shut it down. This does not seem normal to me and am wondering if this is an isolated event or it happens to others? Is there a fix for it? Such as a new driver, reinstall, etc. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
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any solution for this out there? still having trouble with shutdown. when i go to the apple and then select shutdown, the prompt seems to turn off my mouse and keyboard, and when i have firefox up and i cant quit out of it, i get a prompt that says it took too long to shut down. any help is appreciated.
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Firsty try these steps as I have found some shutdown issues with my imac just of late.

Quit all running apps before attempting a shutdown.

If using an airport connection make sure mail.app is quit before disconnecting as this seems to stop it from being quit after the connection is disconnected.

Also check the permissions as a safe guard as there maybe something out of whack which could be playing havoc

Also check the HD for errors as these can also cause strange issues and are easily fixed.

when you first click shutdown try hitting the return key after the small window appears in the centre of the screen and starts the countdown this work wonders for me when it otherwise stalls.
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I can startup my macbook, and right when its on the desktop, i can go to apple and select shutdown, and it'll still freeze up. And this is with no starting applications. I also checked the permissions and everything was fine from there. This is confusing and I cant seem to find any information about this.
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