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Originally Posted by Erunno View Post

Over on the Linux side they developed a completely new file manager (Dolphin) for the latest version of the desktop environment KDE 4 and it had a restore functionality since its initial release. Oh, and the software was developed by a single developer in his spare time. So Apple with its hundreds of developers and billions of cash is not capable of implementing a feature which other file managers had for over a decade?

And it's a piece of crap. Or should I say, a work in progress piece of crap?

Until KDE 4.3 most of Dolphin's "functionality" is still hit or miss. There is a reason KDE 4.2 is still in Experimental, within Debian.

And seeing like 99.9% of the folks on here know nothing of Apple Engineering it should be clear that only a small team ever works specifically on a portion of the OS, at a time.

Finder doesn't have hundreds of engineers working on it. It has a few HIG folks who coordinate with a couple architects that interface between several teams within Apple that deal with AppKit, Foundation, Security and more.

Now when Plasma stops crapping out I'll be impressed. The File-Open, Save As dialogues in KDE 4.2 still continue to crash certain daemons in KDE because much of the infrastructure is still a "work in progress."

That crap won't fly when someone spends $129 for an OS. The "it's free as in beer" crap is just that, crap. Billions have been poured into Linux, Gnome, Trolltech, KDE and more.

There are thousands of KDE part-time developers that commit weekly to KDE Digest. It's coming along, but it's definitely far from being on par with OS X's desktop environment.

Let's not forget that those thousands of coders leverage thousands of other paid developers heavy lifting from the kernel [linux, freebsd, openbsd, netbsd, opensolaris, et.al] up through filesystems, to X-Windowing, to device driver development, etc.

Apple covers everything from the low to the most high. KDE doesn't compare in size.
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What is the state of Resolution Independence in Snow Leopard?
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Mac user since August 1983.
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Can someone post which phones isync supports?
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