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Macbook crasehs randomly in battery mode

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Hi, my one-and-a-half year old Macbook is randomly turning off when used with the battery.
It turns off with like 36%, then with 7% and next time with 14%.
No message before it quits, it just shuts down!
Service is tellibg me now that, if this is a battery problem, Ive to pay on my own?
I mean turning randomly off is not "normal" usage.
Ive a 3 years gurantee, but sadly not Applecare

Ps: My hard drive crashed yesterday, so I cant use my Mac and have to post from my ipod.

Thanks for your help!

Btw: Ive also cracks, so it looks like Apple cant even build a 1100 PC which is not a piece of junk
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Try the PMU reset procedure:

Take out the battery and remove the AC adapter, then hold down the power button for 5-10 seconds. Reinsert the battery and reconnect the AC adapter. Power back on.

If it fails, go to the Apple Store and see if they can replace your battery.
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accidental double post.
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Thx, but I was today at an Apple Service Provider (Gravis). They need 10-14 days to fix the HD issue. Changing the HD in-place costs extra, unfriendly workers ... baaaaad experience with apple's service

Edit: He declinde using disk utility, never mentioned your solution or touched my mac ...
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Some people at the Apple Stores are only concerned about money and not really relaying facts to people. I had a first gen MacBook Pro about a year ago and the same thing was happening to me. I reset the PMU and it worked fine after that.

Most Genuises don't know what they are talking about. They are like any other IT department just with an Apple branded shirt on.

Sorry to hear about your experience. It happens to way too many people.
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Thanks for your advices, I'll try them as soon as I get my Macbook back.

Today they called. They told me my battery had 400 cycles and must be replaced, but I had to pay. I declined (with your advices in my mind). I asked, it its normal that Macbooks with "used batteries" turn off without any warnings and can't recognize the capacity - my 6 years old Toshiba can do better! She told me it is.
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