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It would seem that Taito had more in store for iPhone and iPod Touch users than their classic franchise Space Invaders, as they have released Cooking Mama ($6.99, App Store), a game that has previously been featured on Nintendo's DS and Wii systems.

Cooking Mama is unsurprisingly a game about Cooking, where you are made to prepare a variety of dishes by touching, shaking and tilting the iPhone or iPod Touch, allowing you chop, stir, knead, melt, sauté and so on.

The App Store version of the game features 'a generous helping' of recipes from the console versions, as well as a number of dishes exclusive to the iPhone and iPod Touch version. The game offers two modes: "Let's Cook", which is a stage by stage meal making game with the eponymous "Mama", and the "Cooking Contest", which is a sort of cooking free-for-all.

The game's pixellated and cute visuals will no doubt appeal to many game fans looking for something more similar to other handheld offerings - something that is becoming easier and easier with titles from the touch-enabled DS beginning to migrate to Apple's handheld.