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I would like to petition Apple Inisder to add one photograph/graphic to each RSS Headline that requires it.

For Example: if the RSS headline reads "Griffin Technology Updates Elan case for iPhone 3G" then when you select the RSS article, from your RSS reader, it should show a pic of the case in addition to the text.

Another Example: if the RSS headline reads "AT&T cuts 3 Jobs" then an article like that would not require a photograph, but possibly an AT&T logo graphic. But this is pretty much an example of an article that doesn't really require a graphic.

I understand the concept of RSS is to typically avoid graphics. But times have changed, and RSS Feeds are still very efficient with minor graphics.
In a nutshell, I like Engadget's RSS Feed, because they have graphics within their RSS. And I think Apple Inisder would greatly benefit from that update as well. I know I would joy some of these article more. As geeky as this sounds, it makes more pleasurable to view RSS Feeds with graphics on an iPhone, especially.