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Description:*MyMemoryMad is a crazy memory game which challenges your brain and allows you to compete with players from around the world.

- A crazy memory game that anyone can play.
- Challenge yourself with your friends, family, colleagues and players from around the world.
- Get in the global Hall of Fame and gain bragging rights!
- Improve your memory, and become the next Einstein.
How to play:
- Players are required to remember and repeat a sequence of flashes.
- The game comprises of five colored buttons. Each button produces a different sound as they flash.
- Level 1: One random button will flash. The player will need to repeat the flash by touching the button.
- Level 2: Two random buttons will flash in a sequence. The player will need to repeat the sequence by pressing the buttons in the order they flashed.
- The game will continue with an additional random button flashing for each subsequent level.
- Gain a high score and save it in the Hall of Fame. Have your name listed for the world to see.